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Check Your Furnace!!

by The Houses By Harlan Team

Please Get Your Furnace Checked and Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors


A testimonial and a family’s experience from a Christmas email I received this year from our next door neighbor that I would like to share with you.  Please read.


Yesterday we had a very frightening thing happen to us here.  Kim and I got up at 6 am to KNWC (our usual.)  The two us started to share as getting ready that neither of us felt very good-strong headaches, dizzy and nauseated.  Kim so much so that we decided he couldn't drive to work until he felt better.  Heidi got up to say goodbye to us before we left, since she was headed back to Orange City later in the day.  She was feeling worse than we were.

 I called the gas company to see if they could come and check the carbon monoxide levels in the house.  We turned off the furnace, opened windows, etc.  Kim stayed at the house and I went on to work.  I thought I would just feel better over a little time.  I continued to feel poorly and even shaky and confused.  I was just telling some nurses at work about how I was feeling when Kim called and said the gas company found a problem with the furnace and the house had fatal levels of carbon monoxide in some of the rooms.  Another hour or two without opening the windows and we would be dead.  Two nurses drove me back home.

 Nate became our designated driver since he seemed to have no effects.  We went to the emergency room where they took our blood levels and treated us with oxygen.  Our blood levels were 15-20 times normal.  After 3 to 4 hours on O2 most the the symptoms disappear. 

 We went back to a cold home, but very grateful.  Over the next few hours the headaches gradually decreased.  Heidi did make it back for her classes today.  Lambert put us and our dog up in a hotel for the night so the furnace can go in today.  The noises coming from the basement, as my cold fingers write this, make promises of heat by tonight.

We have two carbon monoxide detectors here today!


Go to our web site for a person to check your furnace or Lamberts Heating and A/C 338-1231 who Kim and Yvonne used.


Welcome to 2008!

by The Houses By Harlan Team

We are very excited for this next year.  We are planning on a record breaking year in many aspects.  Number 1 we have outdone the downward trends that many markets have had in 2007.  Our average sales price increased from $165,633 in 2006 to $175,856.  That is a 6% increase versus many markets are seeing 10 to 30% decreases. (Now quickly to interrupt your thoughts, this does not mean that all houses have increase 6% in value, it is just as we said our average sales prices).  For more statistics check out our pod-cast in a few days after I get it recorded and it gets posted to our web site.

If you are looking to buy or sell, the next few months could be some of your best opportunity and 2008 definitely is looking very bright.  If you wait for the trees to bud and the flowers to bloom you may miss the best part of the 2008 market for home sales.  Waiting for Spring/Summer could cost you time and money.

Have an Awesome Week!!



Discount Points?

by The Houses By Harlan Team

In the midst of the holiday season, we continue to provide the real estate service you have come to expect! This week, we received a question on the wisdom of paying discount points during a refinance or purchase. Great question! Just in case you’re a little uncertain what discount points are, here’s a quick definition.  Each point is 1% of your mortgage amount and is essentially prepaid interest.  These points (or portions thereof) are used to reduce your mortgage note rate. There is no real rule of thumb as to when it’s best to pay or walk away. It really depends on multiple factors such as available cash, the amount of time it takes to recoup the investment, other needed uses for your money and general investment philosophy. Even as I tell you there is no “rule” per se about points, many of my mortgage clients seemed to consider paying the points if the payback would be in the range of 30-36 months or less. It’s up to you to decide what best promotes your specific situation.

For additional information, you might want to take a look at the following links. There is an abundance of information available but these two sites will give you a quick overview regarding paying points and potential benefits. Here you go; and  and pass on to all.

Have an AWESOME week!

Happy New Year!

by The Houses By Harlan Team

Happy New Year to All!  May you have many blessings in 2008.

Again we have seen good press about our local real estate market versus the national market.  We have seen the number of sales holding steady and the average sales prices increase in 2007.  This is a good indication that the first quarter in 2008 will see an increase in home sales.  With mortgage loan interest rates continuing their decline, this could signal an increase in number of sales and the prices going up for home sales in Sioux Falls.  It's hard to hit the market right, buy my suggestion to anyone interested in buying is to not wait a moment longer.  Thinking that home prices could become even more attractive down the road could be a mistake.

Have a Fantastic Week!

Displaying blog entries 151-154 of 154




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